The Melges X Boat.

The most active youth class.

In performance one design racing.

2016 Melges X Boat Champions

  • Pine Lake TRAP Regatta Senior Champion: Henry Rolander/Joey Plummer
  • Pine Lake TRAP Regatta Junior Champion: Meta Simon/Fritz Simon
  • GLSS Buddy Melges Sailing Center Champion: Parker Michel
  • X Treme Champion: Meta Simon/Fritz Simon
  • WYA Champion: Christian Spencer
  • ILYA Senior Champion: - Christian Spencer
  • ILYA Junior Champion: - Chapman Petersen
  • Blue Chip Champion: - Chapman Petersen

2015 Melges X Boat Champions

  • ILYA Senior Champion: JP Friend/Charlie Allen
  • ILYA Junior Champion: Harry Melges IV/Finn Burdick
  • WYA Champion: Christian Spencer
  • X Treme Champion: Alex Keck
  • GLSS Buddy Melges Sailing Center Champion: Robbie Lindemann
  • Quad Champion: Nick Rusher
  • Pine Lake TRAP Regatta Champion: Harry Melges IV
  • Labelle Tune-Up Champion: Chapman Peterson

2014 Melges X Boat Champions

  • Junior Inland Champion: Christian Spencer
  • Senior Inland Champion: Kate Cox
  • Blue Chip Champion: Joey Biwer
  • WYA Champion: Joey Biwer
  • Interlake Champion: Harry Wittenberg
  • Quad Lakes Champion: Alex Keck
  • Quint Champion: Joey Biwer
  • Labelle Tune-Up Champion: Sean Harris
  • Geneva Lake Sailing School Champion: Harry Melges IV

Product Overview
Length 16 ft 4.877 m
Beam 6 ft 1 in 1.854 m
Weight 470 lbs 213.188 kg
Sail Area
Main 85 sq ft 7.89 m2
Jib 24.75 sq ft 2.29 m2
Crew 1-2

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The Melges X Boat® makes learning to sail fun, easy and addictive. There is nothing quite like the thrill of that first regatta success. For youth sailors, it is a competitive and rewarding experience that ultimately fosters a deep passion for the sport and generates lifelong friendships. The Melges X Boat encourages juniors to take it one step further by providing a safe and modern sailboat with technologies enabling them to over achieve at an early age. A breathtaking design, this represents the evolution in X Boat sailing — for the beginner or expert.

  • Now equipped standard with high-tech black spars
  • Race ready with a custom trailing package
  • Just getting started? Let Melges Performance Sailboats do the work and get you setup to win!